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TOPIC: Politically Correct Liberals

Politically Correct Liberals 20 Nov 2016 22:51 #11015

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A random person at Starbucks:
"I'm sorry, but I really just need to vent right now. Everything that has happened since Trump got elected has been so awful, I feel in danger."

Me to myself, in my head:
"Wait. I'm sorry. What? Did you just say you feel in danger? Of what? Of what could you possibly feel in danger for? NOTHING HAS HAPPENED"

Somewhere along the way, each and every single one of was misguided. Under Politically Correct culture we were all taught to govern our speech with emotion. We were taught to "check our privilege" "no hate speech" "this is a safe space". All this has done is separate us. WE have become nothing more than the individual boxes we fill out on surveys, and you know, we've let ourselves be that way. What happened to the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me", it used to inspire me with courage that words are nothing more than just that, words. So why do we let words govern our actions? There is no such thing as a safe space, and there will always be someone there to look down on you. But those same people who look down on you are the same people who motivate you to achieve your best. So to all the PC liberals out there, stop trying to fight my battles for me, I'm going to overcome them on my own.
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