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TOPIC: Space War: No more Satellites

Space War: No more Satellites 29 Nov 2016 09:35 #11109

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I recently ran into an article in of US Military starting a new war, this time in space. This war would be based on stopping collision and debris from entering Earth. The bad side of this idea of war is, due to the loss of satellite connection and the risk of infrastructure. Down on earth, we would eventually lose internet connection, GPS satellites, and bank transactions, in military smart bombs among other connections. Jim Sciutto, the writer of this article depicted, “Dependent on time stamps from GPS satellites, everything from stock markets to bank transactions to traffic lights and railroad switches would freeze. Airline pilots would lose contact with the ground, unsure of their position and without weather data to steer around storms.” And not only that would be a problem but chaos would happen in US soil within humanity if the US military decides to start a space war. I strongly believe that the US Military should consider the impact it would have in its equipment and citizens. And so I leave you with an interview done by the author of this article, ‘So is the US moving quickly enough to respond to the new threats in space? "I would say the answer was no," said Gen. William Shelton, former head of Space Command. "Could we provide active defense of our own satellites? The answer's no."’ I will list the article down below as there is more important information in this matter.

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