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TOPIC: Problems with Criticism: Everyone Gets a Trophy

Problems with Criticism: Everyone Gets a Trophy 10 Dec 2016 16:01 #11209

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Instead of talking about criticisms in media, this week, I would like to talk about criticism pertaining specifically to us as humans-- or the lack thereof. The generation of Millenials and the generation immediately proceeding, Generation Z, have been taught two principles that are fundamentally crippling our society. We are taught "everyone gets a trophy for trying", and we are taught "if all your friends told you to jump off of a bridge, would you?". Both of these common teachings are problematic. The first, "everyone gets a trophy for participation" is a problem because it teaches that participation is the most important. It doesn't teach how important hard work is or how important succeeding under adversity is. Even worse than the lack of values it teaches, everyone getting a trophy also takes away the value from those who would be receiving a trophy for their hard work and success. This system has completely demolished the work ethic which most people build upon to succeed in their lives. But, that's not the only aspect of society that's destroying future generations.

Contributing to the lack of values that everyone getting a trophy has is the old saying "if your friends told you to jump off a bridge? would you?". While the sayings intention is to discourage peer pressure in unfavorable situations, it also teaches kids to not listen to their friends. While this does help parents in raising their children, it also teaches children to not listen to their peers. This is problematic because as those kids grow, they become less susceptible to criticism or advice that their friends might pose to them. In tandem, both of these ideologies, create narcissistic people incapable of listening to their peers and set on their own convictions no matter how jaded or incorrect they are. It also promotes an expectation for receiving praise for being yourself. While it is important to have confidence in yourself, it is equally important to acknowledge that we as people always have room for growth and should always strive to improve ourselves. We are not always right, and people don't seem to get that anymore.
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