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TOPIC: #peoplesclimate

#peoplesclimate 21 Sep 2014 17:40 #5314

  • delaney.b
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The people's climate march managed to gather hundreds of thousands of people across one hundred and fifty countries in what has become the largest march for climate change ever. The People’s Climate March, has been noted as the biggest global call-to-action in climate change in history. All of this success is owed to social media, the #peoplesclimate hashtag is trending on twitter all over the world and causing people to take action or at least, forces them to think about global warming and the alarming situation we are in. People are demanding world leaders take action on climate change as they prepare for a United Nations summit in New York on Monday. The idea behind the march is that we don’t have time to not take action to help the environment right now. People are tired of words and they want action. The question is, will the Peoples Climate march make any changes and will global protests and the 300,000 people in New York City change the minds of those invested heavily in climate destruction? But the real question is, if we change this late in the game will it even make a dent in the destruction to the ozone and the rest of the environment previously done by the human race?
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#peoplesclimate 28 Sep 2014 21:32 #5386

  • Alida.VG
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While social media can sometimes work in negative ways, it also has the great power of bringing people together. As you mentioned, People's Climate was able to have such a big impact solely due to social media. As social media is such an important part of most people's lives awareness of People's Climate was clearly able to spread faster than in any other medium. I think it's great that social media can be used for good in this way, as climate change is such an important issue. Climate change by its self certainly isn't a popular or "trendy" issue, so bringing awareness via social media it can become an issue that everyone is suddenly concerned with.
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