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TOPIC: Minding Your Thoughts and Success

Minding Your Thoughts and Success 30 Nov 2014 19:23 #5862

  • Crisly.A.
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After reading on Katherine Grahams personal history and insecurity, I decided to look up the theory of controlling your thoughts. There are many books out there on meditation and the process of understanding why you have the thoughts that you do. I realize that we are and are not our thoughts. Our thoughts can lead us to act a certain way and project a specific reality. Once we control our thoughts and ultimately our perspective of our lives, we become in control of our actions. The issue is people let their thoughts control them rather than the other way around.

One of the articles I found online states Descartes famous statement "I think, therefore I am". This statement has been mentioned to me by two other professors so far and believe that it has resonated with many. An important concept I received from the reading was that we shouldn't judge our thoughts rather we should try to comprehend why they are there. "The thoughts are just thoughts", it doesn't matter if they are "negative or positive". They are just there..just like our other bodily organs which are performing functions.

Coincidentally, I am reading a book called "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". I think being effective is very difficult nowadays and feelings of ineffectiveness can trigger thoughts that attribute to this difficulty. A circular process. Some helpful tips:

1. If you are to imagine yourself in your deathbed would you have wanted more time to watch t.v.? no. So imagine what you would want to accomplish.
2. Some people go by their courses, college education focusing on "completing the task" rather than understanding. Knowledge is something gradual and can be obtained once immersed.
3. Another tip that really resonated was to seek to understand then be understood. Sometimes I find myself busy trying to convince others of my opinions/ideas when it would be best to really try and understand others. Only then can you make some sort of impact on others. "Once they feel they are being understood."
4. The book uses the image of the young and old woman. Joining this with the reading and the articles, you realize that one person may be just as right as another. It is all perspective.

I would recommend this book if want some tips on being effective/efficient. It is available for free with kindle unlimited.

The Power of Thoughts Right
Meditation and Thoughts
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
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Minding Your Thoughts and Success 30 Apr 2015 02:06 #6895

  • Ruqaiyah.M
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Learning to control your mind and thoughts is something that is so important and something I am learning right now. Thank you for sharing the kindle book titles and where to find them underneath, we could never have too many self help books around. Learning to control your thoughts is so much easier when you understand everything is mental. I try to tell myself everyday something positive to keep me going in the right direction. Insecurities always play a role in self defeat but understanding the power of your mind out ways insecurities and self doubt quickly.
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Minding Your Thoughts and Success 29 May 2016 23:14 #9994

  • janet.o
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Interesting post Crisly. I love these type of "advice collections," as they are often things that we know or deem "obvious," but don't always practice and often forget. The example of going through courses focusing on completing the task is a good example. Some courses may be completely uninteresting to us, where we have to simply "get by" and focus on "completing the task," but when choosing a certain path in life, the majority of what we do should be at least somewhat interesting where we enjoy obtaining knowledge and evolving with that. If not, I believe we should evaluate our situation and change it; or remind ourselves of WHY we are doing a certain thing, hopefully reigniting the initial interest that led us to choosing a certain major or whatever the situation is. (can be applied to relationships or any everyday situation, as these situations where we just want to "get by" often are based on us focusing on the negative aspects of something, while neglecting to acknowledge the good aspects as we get used to a certain situation.)
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