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TOPIC: So I'm Passive

So I'm Passive 02 May 2016 00:01 #9678

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So what does it mean to be passive?
Definition: Cares about the situation. Passive Behavior involves saying nothing in a response, keeping feelings to yourself, hiding feelings from others, and perhaps even hiding your feelings from yourself. Sacrifice your own preferences and needs, so that you can help others to meet their preferences and needs.

All that seems negative and harming to me but I can admit that in many ways I am textbook. I admit to it and I work on it every day. Speaking up for myself, expressing my feeling and letting people know that what they have said and or been have hurt me. It has help with my depression and my self-worth. Having said that the first part of that definition is "cares about the situation", and I have to say that I care and I think people who are passive tend to care about the feeling of other and try not to hurt or hinder those they love and those around them. However, it is so important to not lose yourself in helping other because that is not healthy. So I say to those who possess that passive behavior please don't forget about yourself. Your ideals, opinions, feelings matter and you deserve to be happy and validated.
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