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TOPIC: Euro 2012

Euro 2012 01 Jun 2012 00:28 #1115

  • Kiko
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Euro 2012 is coming. I think many of you guys are getting excited coming this big event. But, unlike previous football games, it seems people will have to be concerned about many things happening outside field.

In two host countries, Poland and Ukraine, security is strictly checked concerning about terrorism attack. What they are concerned about is agonism against Germany. As we know, during world war two, nazi germany segregated and punish jews in mostly Germany, and it's nortorius for one of worst slaughters against humanity. Therefore even now, some people especially living in poland hate Germany.

Yesterday. I read news regarding German team visited Auschwitz praying people who had been slaughtered by Nazi Germany. But I can't understand why they had to do that.
Their ancestors might do something against humanity, but it has nothing to do with current German team and soccer has nothing to do with history and politics as well.

As one soccer fan, I hope nobody get injured during Euro 2012.
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Re: Euro 2012 01 Jun 2012 05:18 #1128

  • elizabethgrac3
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Im not that into politics but i like soccer. I used to be in my highschool team and my interest grew from there. Its going to be hard to watch the games because they are so early in the morning, but i believe that Spain will win again because hey have the best players and the best team. Germany looks strong as well.
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