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TOPIC: Races

Races 16 Sep 2012 20:48 #1277

  • Hexi.W
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Native American life always has been mysterious,people do not know much about Native American because they do not often appear in front of world.Nowadays,Native American way of life has changed so there are more and more explorers like to find out the way of now their life and how have they changed.
The movie "30 Days: Life on a Reservation" presented some fact of Native American life to us..First of all,culture,the cultures of Native American have been disappeared.Children go to Ordinary schools but the schools do not teach Native American cultures so that they can not learn that kind of knowledge to develop the race.The fact was children could learn nothing about Native American so they had to build a school which is Native American style,to keep cultures continually develop.Second,land,for the sake of history,Indian lost a lot of land.They were occupied and beaten,they used to live in forest or rain forest,since their land has been occupied they had to move to city for life,gradually,there is not many Indian people live in forest.Finally,language,I was impressed by a part of the movie which there was an Indian language teacher told a reporter that not many people can speak Indian language,even Indian people.So she thought Indian language has been disappeared,when she was talking about it she cried.I could understand her feeling that lost own cultures with no method.The differences between this movie and others was that this movie were both documentary and true story.Other this kind of movies usually describe Indian people without truth and fact,just from what they learned from book or novel,sometimes,the movies are incompatible with truth.However,nowadays,it is common to research Indian,many people like Indian culture because Indian cultures are mysterious.Besides,.Indian people are funny and friendly.Today,visiting Indian people and Indian culture is a trend.
It is always has been a good thing that people from different races like to protect own culture to keep what they forefather has created for race.If a race lost own culture and civilization,they would have nothing to be proud.Everybody has responsibility to protect race culture and civilization.In this case,I strongly respect Indian people to work for their culture keep up.Even if they lost their homes,they did not give up and abandon their culture.
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Races 19 Sep 2012 06:53 #1290

  • Eli-Ran.Y
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I am real glad that you decided to talk about the Native American’s and their culture. The reason for so being because these days I feel like the general population has a misconception with who the Native Americans are and what they had to go through in their lives. Well for the majority of Native American tribes, they had a really dark and unfortunate past consisting of numerous murders by Western explorers and alcohol abuse. For the others, the tribes did not have enough people or materials to progress for themselves, leading ultimately to their demise. Nowadays Native American do not share the same beliefs and cultures as they did prior, but their haunted past is to blame.
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