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TOPIC: Japanese America

Japanese America 21 Oct 2012 23:34 #1440

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Today, Japanese Americans are the important part in the United State of America,and Japan and America are ally to help each other to become better and better.However,60years ago, they had a war with each other that Japan got ruinously attack by USA. After that war America and Japan’s relationship have been becoming better and better, at the war time American dominant media had reported a lot of news about Japanese America.
There were many perception to describe Japanese Americans on the dominant media. Called Rafu was a main media to report that event. The role of Japanese American were: first, they were all weak because they needed America help them to get better, just like the headline “I need your help! Sam uncle.” Second, they like to make war with other country and always lose to their opponents; third, they have been gradually depend on USA. The attitude of Rafu Shimpo tried to foster among its reader were that let them think Japan was totally lost in that event and must depend on USA. After that event, Japan was so hard to get recover and there were many Japanese America in the USA. So that dominant media was trying to make Japanese seem a weak role. By the way, Japan made friend with US. They implied Western readers that Japanese people were physically different and morally inferior. Combine these reasons. The people who from West coast would think that Japanese people were not good people, even surely thought they were very bad. From the movie “Tokyo rose”. They seem like dangerous people and low level of citizenship in the thinking of American.
Finally, they are all about past news, we need to consider that why the was always happen in our life and how to avoid that happen over and over.
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