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TOPIC: KKK in 2013? In high schools?

KKK in 2013? In high schools? 09 Mar 2013 03:40 #1954

  • Brittanichustz
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KKK students invite Black student to party

I found this link today when reading the news on ABC's website. This article baffled me. I watched the clip and read the article about how these students of a local Texas high school invited a Black student to their KKK party they were having. I understand that we all have the right to believe in what we want to believe in but seriously when people start to openly disrespect fellow students making their safe learning environment no longer safe it becomes a problem. I completely agree with the parents that spoke in the article that more needs to be done to discipline these students other than a stupid meeting teaching sensitivity.

Maybe because I come from a very diverse background and live in Los Angeles where we are exposed to so many different people of all nationalities, but it truly disgust me to see things like this go on in 2013. I do not expect racism to completely be over but I would like to have faith that with how far society has come we can do better than what our youth is doing currently.

This goes well with our crash clip that we got a chance to watch. Once again heres an example of power created through ignorance and disempowerment to an undeserving person. If one person has to try and put another down just to feel like they are the highest then they're the weakest link.
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KKK in 2013? In high schools? 31 Mar 2013 19:59 #2346

  • sungjin.C
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I am not sure, but I think KKK still exists in some places because we still have stereotype toward other enthnic groups. Sometime, bad streotypes and perspective toward other ethnic groups become racisms. people who have bad sterotypes about others can act improperly to others. I think many places where many enthinic groups coexist in are seen like they do not have racisms because they try to understand each other. However, there are still racisms, and majority groups in places have more power than any other minorities. Therefore, racisms keep existing in every place, and people can not get rid of racisms. However, people can decrease racisms if people try to understand each other.
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KKK in 2013? In high schools? 01 Apr 2013 03:24 #2417

  • yingsi.D
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Honestly speaking, although the races inequality and discrimination problem has been improving a lot as time gone by. However, there still some stubborn people who insist to think blacks as the inferior group of people. I mean you do not have to agree with the concept that we are all equal; however, we should at least respect each party. I have several friends in black too. And I think they are just awesome. I really wish someday this problem can be solved and the world will be in no harm at the end.
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