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TOPIC: Affirmative Action & The New Poster Girl

Affirmative Action & The New Poster Girl 25 Mar 2013 00:27 #2265

  • gina.c
  • gina.c's Avatar
This article is about the pending Supreme Court case on affirmative action. The plaintiff, Abigail Fisher, is claiming that she was the victim of reverse discrimination when the University of Texas did not accept her as an undergrad. She claims that less successful students were admitted because they were black or Latino. The journalist who has been following this case claims that the plaintiff was chosen because she could be a perfect “poster child” for the new anti-affirmative action movement; further, the author states that the timing is perfect, too, since we have the most conservative judges serving on the Court since the 1930’s.
I actually heard about this journalist and her series of articles on this case on public radio station KPCC when she was interviewed on-air. The journalist, Nikole Hannah-Jones argues that the media is not doing their due diligence by fully investigating every avenue of this case because Abigail Fisher “looks” the part of the perfect victim for this movement. Hannah-Jones argues that the President of the non-profit funding her defense, Edward Blum, pursued Fisher because of her “innocent” fresh-faced all-American girl looks, knowing that media would feverishly cover every minute of their pursuit to the Supreme Court. Hannah-Jones goes on to state that Fisher actually cannot prove that she was discriminated against, since her SAT scores, nor her GPA were particularly competitive with the majority of students accepted at University of Texas in 2008, the year in which Fisher applied.
I found this to be an interesting article, not so much because of the affirmative action issue, but rather because of the reporter’s bold take on Fisher’s appearance and her attack on mass media for blindly reporting the case without presenting all the facts clearly to the public. Another interesting point that is presented in this article is how Americans perception of race and discrimination have changed since the 1950’s, when Brown vs. The Board of Education passed. In studying various surveys, it was shown that white’s acknowledged blacks faced much discrimination, while they themselves did not feel discriminated against. Today, whites feel just as likely to be discriminated against as blacks are, due to the color of their skin.
I personally think it’s a bit ridiculous for whites to claim to be discriminated against based on the color of their skin. Regardless of population changes, the Anglo-American traditions that permeate today’s society provide many benefits for white people in comparison to the opportunities for other races.
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