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TOPIC: Admit Complaint against Harvard University

Admit Complaint against Harvard University 25 May 2015 03:47 #7290

  • jimmy.t
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I wanted to bring this up because my friend is currently conducting researching on affirmative action and its place in universities at UCLA right now. On many occasions, he confides to me about the lackluster quality of the discourse regarding affirmative action, and I have to agree with him. There are times where I find it difficult to discuss the topic of affirmative action in grand detail, at least compared to other issues like same-sex marriage or the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Recently, popular media outlets have chosen to cover a story in which at least 60 Asian American groups are suing Harvard University for not admitting more Asian American students, despite the increasing number of Asian American applicants the university has received over the years. They claim that Harvard University is practicing race-based discrimination against Asian American applicants.
What is astounding to me is that media ignores is the fact that at least 120 prominent Asian American advocacy groups have actually made their support of affirmative action policy very apparent. These 120 groups include groups like API Equality and Asian Americans Advancing Justice. Popular media did not choose to break down these supposed 60 Asian American groups who were part of the coalition filing the complaint against Harvard University.
As my friend puts it in his article on the Daily Bruin:
“…taking a look at the list makes it clear that the coalition is a poor representation of Asian American interests, does not include many well-established Asian American advocacy and rights groups and does not include groups that represent southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders. A vast majority of the organizations is explicitly pertinent to Chinese or East Asian subgroups. Fewer than 10 of the groups are pertinent to non-Chinese. Even worse, a brief search for some of these groups on the Internet yields little to no information detailing their advocacy work or activities, as many appear to be created recently by immigrant groups.”
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Admit Complaint against Harvard University 01 Jun 2015 03:46 #7398

  • jayci.f
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I found your post to be very interesting because I too have heard about the whole Harvard discrimination issue, but I have a different viewpoint than you on this issue. When you look at the United States demographics of all the different races and their percentages, they are almost opposite of colleges. The white population in the US is 77.7%, the hispanic/latino population is 17.1%, the african american population is 13.2%, and the asian population is 5.3%. Take into consideration UCLA, which has 33.5% asians, 27.1 whites, 4% blacks, and 19.1% hispanics. Personally I think that if anything the asians are over populated in some colleges when in reality they make up such a small portion of the population in the United States. If you just purely look at the statistics, colleges should have a majority of white students, with hispanics/latinos coming in next. This is just how I feel about this certain topic, I feel like we need to have more representation of what our actual population is in colleges.
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