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TEXAS POOL PARTY. 08 Jun 2015 02:16 #7488

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So I don't know if any of you have been on social media today and happened to see a video thats gone viral of cops at a pool party in Texas where this one officer is mounting this poor little girl while the other two chased down and cuffed other blacks children. Well I haven't. I got the gist of it online and couldn't bring myself to watch it. I mean my heart and stomach can't take it anymore. I can't bear to watch any more of these videos because it breaks my heart and more times than not, people are trying to convince us that what we're seeing isn't really what we are seeing or that how we feel is wrong and why it is ok for people to be treated in the way we're able to see on this videos.

I just keep thinking about the videos that we've seen just in the last couple of years. If that's what we're seeing, imagine all that we don't. I just feel so helpless because I don't know how to tell my people to protect themselves when some of these encounters with the police, laws weren't being broken. The toy that Tamir Rice held wasn't illegal. Cops never questioned that baby boy, they just shot him and he's dead and they told us it was his fault. They told us these cops did nothing wrong even though when we say it out loud, when we see it, it's wrong. That baby girl and those kids were just kids having fun in the summer time and that same public pool put up a sign endorsing these officers and their actions. The officer was placed on paid leave, yes paid vacation. They think we're all dumb, paid leave is an insult to our intelligence. If all cops aren't bad why don't the good ones ever speak out? Is it because they have families to protect? Mouths to feed? Are they afraid?

Guess what? We are afraid every day. Traffic stops leading to get beat on the side of the road, going to a party and being tackled because cops got a call about there being too many Black people. You basically have to tell your kids and family/friends to stay in the house and be perfect because you do not matter in the face of this country. You don't get second chances. You will be shot and if you aren't you lucky. If you die, nothing will happen. No one will lose their jobs or go to jail and your name even after you are dead, will be dragged through the mud and you will be talked about as if you were less than human.

This may sound dramatic but this is really what every single day feels like. It feels hopeless. I am afraid every time a cop gets behind me when I drive even though my registration is current, i have insurance and I follow the rules most times but I guess if I ever speed and I get shot for it, I deserved to because I shouldn't have been speeding. I know that I am not allowed to make mistakes. I really cling to prayer because it feels like cops are aware they're being recorded and still don't care. They're aware that most times, they'll be sent on vacation until the media frenzy dies down then they'll hit us with some legal jargon as to why the officer won't be charger.

I can't even imagine what my ancestors felt. Dear God.
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