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TOPIC: Bieng Black

Bieng Black 09 Sep 2015 13:22 #7524

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I was on facebook and I saw the video about a bunch of black girls fighting each others. As I read the comment I notice how many other races that put blacks down. They call us ghetto and ratchet and so on.. Many of them say we have no class and that we should go back to where we come from. And others disagree with us when we say racism still exist in this country. Just because some black girls are fighting and putting it on social media that doesn't mean all black girls are the same. We shouldn't judge a whole group of race base on a few accident that happen to me in social media.
The whole lead to them calling black man gansgter and how they deserved being killed by the police and the baltimore issue come up and they call us ignorant and many other offensive names. They even went further to say the "N " word. I was highly offended because I am black and I am educate and never been in a gang activities or any bad activities period. So why do they put a whole race of people down because a little percentage of people do stupid dumb stuffs. :( :( :( . I am proud to be black.
However many times I engage in social media I feel like I suppose to hurt my race or my color. People put us down as if we were a bunch of animals. We are people with feelings and no races is perfect. We all have people that are murder, rapist, robber. Also all race have people that gang bang and so on.. so why do we feel that is up to us to discriminate against any race of people like we better than them. We all people, no one is perfect. We will always have some people among us who are not like us and who have different perception than we do about many things. However that doesn't mean because they are different than us or have a different perception than us that we are better than them. They are also not better than us. We are just different, and different is good. How boring will it be if we are the same. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
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Bieng Black 11 Sep 2015 10:41 #7532

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I completely understand where you're coming about being black on social media. It seems like more than half the time you come across anything controversial to black people you see these comments. I try not pay them to much attention due to most of them just being "internet trolls" however I have came across some people that truthfully felt as they spoke. I don't think i'll ever fully understand people's logic for feeling that way but I personally feel like its just old psychological habit. History seems a continuous habit considering Black people the bottom and worst of ethnicity's .

Even after the days of Slavery in America black people were still considered the bottom of society but as of today I feel like its a bit of the Media's fault. Not to say the Media aims to bring black people down but they generally seem to bring up a more controversial moment us rather than something more informative or positive. A perfect example Was earlier this year in Seattle when a group of people Claimed they were apart of the organized BlackLivesMatter movement when in fact they weren't , I do feel they had the right intentions. However they should have taken the time to educate them selves on the matter of BlackLivesMatter Movement before taking such radical actions the real BlackLivesMatters even asked that they apologize for their action but it was ignored entirely by media and the individuals apart of the incident. So i guess all I'm trying to say is unfortunately old habits die hard. These type of things never truly end until everyone takes the time to learn from our past.
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