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TOPIC: Xicanismo

Xicanismo 13 Sep 2015 19:25 #7576

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This week I have been thinking of the word Xicano or A.K.A Chicano. It's a term i'm never really sure if I want to identify with. However this week I was a reading this book called Drink Cultura : Chicanismo by Jose Antonio Burciaga and was surprise by the background of the term. I just knew the term referred to Mexican -Americans but I never really knew the complexity of the term. As some Mexican-Americans come to question what to identify with When people in Mexico don't consider them to be Mexican instead consider them Pochos and then you have people in the United states not completely accepting them as "true" Americans even though this is where they were born and grew up.

Pochos is a term used for Mexicans to refer to others that are Mexican that seem to have lost all culture. The literal meaning of pocho isn't to nice either which is rotten. With terms like that it leaves the person questioning " what do I identify as , if neither side wants me". So then you have terms like Hispanic which for the most part it is a correct term but there is an issue with it. By using the word Hispanic you completely erase our mixed heritage .

This is where the term Xicano comes in as it gives Mexican-Americans that are in limbo "Ni de auqi ni de a ya" (not from here nor there).This gives them something to identify with this alternative term gives a little of both sides. The term chicano has ties to an indigenous past as its a shorten version of Mexicano by replacing the "Me" and becomes Xicano ( Chicano).Identifying as Chicano is being able to "recognize the racial and cultural complexity of their makeup : Chicanos recognize they are Indios, Hispanos, Mexicanos, and united states citizens." (Burciaga, PP.46). Another way to see it is like said by Luis Valdez "We are binational".
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