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TOPIC: Ahmed Reparations

Ahmed Reparations 06 Dec 2015 21:34 #8790

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It was not too long ago everyone was feeling sorry for a poor little Muslim child. Ahmed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock for his engineering class and people went berserk. People felt horrible that this child had to go through this. Ahmed soon had offers for jobs and visits from many massive companies, and was even sent free products by microsoft, apple, and many more. This makes for a hot topic, especially with all the recent extremist muslim terrorist attacks.

More recently, Ahmed has made headlines for a different reason. The family that had generously bought pizzas for reporters that showed up to their front door is now not so generous. It has come out that Ahmed is demanding $15 million for his arrest. When I first read the original Ahmed story i felt as though the kid may have been milking it(without knowing the whole story), but what I had read was shocking. Ahmed threatened to sue the city police as well as the school district.

Was what he went through all that traumatizing? The kid was detained for no more than a few hours, released, and given attention, visits, and free stuff. How horrrrrrible for Ahmed, I feel so bad for him; no child should ever have to be put through what he outlasted (white house visits, tours of apple/microsoft, etc). I'd hate to be called insensitive, but people are scrutinized every day for their religion, skin color, gender, etc. What makes this kid special enough as to receive that much money?
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