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TOPIC: Judged by Language?

Judged by Language? 13 Mar 2016 21:48 #9153

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It's funny how a person can be judged by a language they are speaking. I've noticed that since I moved to the states. It is hard to tell by my looks where I'm from since I'm extremely pale but have dark hair and dark eyes. People believe that I'm from different places in the world. I'm bringing this up because my friend made a joke of a Swedish commercial (Tele2) where they had guy that was middle eastern who was singing, and he said something due to his accent. And in Sweden you get easily judged by foreign accents.
About 3 years ago I moved to the states, and I guess I do have a little of an accent. The first thing I noticed is that the Americans LOVED it. And they LOVED hearing me and my friends talk in Swedish. I speak 4 languages, the other two from English and Swedish is Aramaic and Arabic. And this is where I get judged sometimes by what I'm speaking since many can't see where I'm from. As soon as I speak Arabic I become "not so interesting anymore" or "one of those middle eastern". But as soon as I don't speak in Arabic or Aramaic, the situation becomes completely different. I think it's funny (ironic) how my friend commented the commercial, when his parents have an accent themselves. Just thought it was interesting to bring up, because I have been thinking about it a lot when I choose what language to speak. As a kid I was affected by the society so I stopped speaking in Aramaic and Arabic with my parents and started to speak Swedish with them instead. It changed as I grew older, because in the end it's just a language. It does not identify anyone. And as well as the looks it should not define anyone because we all are different individuals and should be defined by ourselves.
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