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LOOKS AREN'T EVERYTHING! 10 Apr 2016 16:21 #9491

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I enjoy watching documentaries and stuff like that. TED talks is something I enjoy watching as well. I have come across a bunch of talks that are really interesting, and yesterday I was watching some different ones. So there was one that I thought I could bring up in this post that felt relevant in todays society.

It’s about Cameron Russel that is a known model. She talks about herself getting into the business and what the model life was to her. She mentioned that she became a model due to her looks. Which of course make sense since being a model is all about the looks. But the thing is that a model usually has to look in a specific way. She was born and blessed with “good” genes, or “good” as what the society consider beautiful. She refers herself getting into her career as if she won “a genetic lottery”. And many jobs are jobs that people can get into somehow by either knowing people or by education. But she didn't have to work to become a model, she was just born with her model opportunities. The entire speech was about getting to know the real model industry and how it’s not as great as many people can imagine, and the main point were about the looks, and that the looks aren’t everything. She is also letting us know that she is aware of the privilege she has as being born “white, tall, and pretty”. And she does make a statement that it is unfair since beauty comes in different races, shapes, etc. And how the society considers beauty in a completely twisted way, which she even earns money on. She also mentions that there are big known models that has a darker skin color that are in the industry, but out of 677 models there were only 27 were not white. Which is not a lot. And many people might think why would she even talk about this is she is born with “good” genes in a society like this with great opportunities. And that is because, she is insecure (WOW! Shocking huh?).

I think that it is great that she made this speech, because when I watched it in the beginning my thought was “well, you are aware of the unfairness but still you were lucky, so why are you complaining”. I felt like her speech didn’t make a change, until I decide to watch the full speech. And when she mentioned that she was insecure. I thought that it was a great moment for all individuals to understand that even though our society has a twisted mindset of what beauty is, there is no beauty unless you feel it within yourself. And even though there is an image of what beauty is, it does not mean that those who are classified as beautiful feels good about themselves. So what is beauty, if not feeling good in your own skin?
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