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TOPIC: The struggle is real

The struggle is real 24 Apr 2016 12:47 #9546

  • sippakorn.p
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I recently went to New York City for spring break. During my time in New York, I was staying with my friend in East Village. The day I landed, my friend told me we're going to a party tonight. Being away from the party scene for quite sometime, I was excited to go. I went to the club, enjoyed myself, had a couple drinks, and came back home to a nice warm bed. The morning after, she told me there's another party tonight and that Steve Aoki was playing, I had to go. Then the next day, there was another party we had to go. And then another, and another, and another. We went to a total of five parties during my week visit to NYC.

When I got back to LA, I had one problem I was straight up broke. To put in picture, I had less than $50 in my bank account. As an international student and my parents fund me, all I had to do was call my parents and have them transfer me some cash. Since, I spend my money for party entrances and drinks, it felt wrong to do so. To redeem myself, I decided to spend the last two weeks of the month with my $50. I bought $10 worth of groceries and with the groceries I had at home, I was able to last a week. I find myself hungry throughout the day and unable to sleep at night. This week, I decided that I can't last any longer and pathetically asked for money. Many people is probably asking why I didn't go get a job. I wanted to. But legally it is impossible. One thing that I find interesting is the individualistic culture of the US allows teens and kids have the mentality to look after themselves. While in Asia, more specifically the middle to upper class children are financially supported to a longer extent. It might not be true for all households but it is certainly present. I don't know if there are any benefits if this practice of baby sitting comes to an end. But it certainly would change the mentality of children/teenagers to be able to understand the worth of money.
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The struggle is real 08 Sep 2016 18:24 #10092

  • Marina
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Wow, I am quite surprised of how you mentioned that in Asia teenagers are supported financially by parents for longer extents of time compared to the western culture. From documentaries I have seen, reading I have done, and from hearing first hand from friends of mine that are from various parts of Asia. I have always been under the impression that children are brought up to be independent and encouraged to venture out from home. What seems to be more instilled is the whole education factor.
It seems as though education and the level that an adolescent performs in their studies plays a big part in how the family is perceived by others in the Asian culture. Although education is place on high standards in western culture I can agree that parents want their children to be independent in every sense, even if that means school is not a route taken. I have been working non-stop since I was 17 and I am 24 now. My mothers "motto" was that if I was to live under her household that I either had to be working or going to school. My choice was to do both but I have always remained financially independent since I got my first check.
The temptation to spend money that we don't necessarily have is at every corner, especially being in college you see others sporting the latest fashion trends or driving a new Acura while your sitting back trying to keep your bank account in check. The struggle is very real but it can make for great memories and lessons.
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The struggle is real 11 Sep 2016 13:05 #10125

  • Minjung.K
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It seems like we have similarities in spending money impulsively. I am also a international student and funded from my parents for my education in the states. I never earned money to be honest. I feel shameful to tell you that I only know how to spend money. However, I started to realized that my monthly expense is around $4,500 to 5,000 including rent and tuition fees. When I think about earning that much money made me think it is hard. Since last year I tried to minimize my daily expenses. Also, I spend money when it's really needed because I don't want to be my parents burden in terms of financial.
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