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TOPIC: Cultural or personal difference?

Cultural or personal difference? 16 Oct 2016 00:56 #10567

  • hanae.I
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   Not only United States, there're many countries that ask customers a tip for people who offer a service. When I went out for a drink, I overheard a discussion about tipping system, and it got my ears. There was two girls, I couldn’t catch where they are originally from, but obviously, they are not from the United State. When they got a bill, one of them was calculating how much tip she would pay, but one of them was saying “why are you paying extra?” Another was, “why aren’t you? that is rude.” However, she refused to pay it because she’s a student so she doesn’t need to.

My nationality isn’t American either, but I know how tipping is important for them. Ok, If costumers didn’t feel that waiters gave them a service, they shouldn’t pay for it, but if they felt satisfied even a little bit, they should thank by offering a tip. It might be difficult for people who came from different country that didn’t have this kind of system, but I really hope that people who could respect their work will increase, for an American culture as well. Also, this system is actually good for people to learn returning what others did for them.
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Cultural or personal difference? 06 Nov 2016 20:32 #10843

  • ramirez.juanita
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Hey Hanae, I found interesting what you said about people tipping.
I am not from the states, and I usually hang out with a lot of individuals from other countries, and I have found that most of them do not tip at all or just tip the minimum percentage. I think tipping is a cultural matter,me personally I like to tip and even if the service is not very good I try to tip because I acknowledge that someone made the effort to bring me my food or whatever.I also understand how frustrating it is to tip someone who did not earn or try to earn the tip. The other day, I went out with my really nice friend from India, we went to this beautiful luxurious trattoria in Beverly hills in which the service is phenomenal. It is one of those places in where you wish you could afford to tip the people like the 30 or 40 % of the bill. Anyways, after having an amazing meal my friend and me splited our bills and she told me she was not going to tip at all. I was shocked and I tried to convince her to tip explaining how important it is for the waiters and everything, after like a 10 min talk she refused and paid the exact amount for the food and left. I felt really uncomfortable and asked her more about it. She said in India is consider very rude to tip someone that is like an offense. And okay I get it but if you are leaving in the United States at least people should try to stick to the U.S etiquette or something. what do you think hanae?
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