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TOPIC: Pros and Cons of Immigration

Pros and Cons of Immigration 11 May 2012 17:41 #916

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In a world where many different peoples and cultures exist, immigration is an inevitable occurrence. Poor living conditions, natural disasters, or mere cases of wanderlust can all motivate certain peoples to relocate to new surroundings, bringing with them thousands of years of history and culture. Many elements of immigrants' culture have been woven into the fabric of America, enriching and diversifying society

Still, there exist many who see immigration as a detriment to society, fearing the loss of jobs, societal resources, and cultural integrity at the hands of immigrants who lack of documentation or resist assimilation.

Nevertheless, I believe that the supposed detrimental effects that immigration has on society are overblown and ill-conceived, outweighed by the plethora of positive effects immigration brings to the table. Immigration is hugely responsible for shaping the current face of today's world, wherein every country is inhabited by people of all races and cultures. Such diversity would not be possible without the incidence of cultural diffusion brought on by immigration. America as a whole is a quintessential representation of how immigration birthed the modern world.

What are your feelings towards immigrants and the cultural ideals they bring to the table?
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