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TOPIC: X-Games

X-Games 06 Mar 2016 15:38 #9041

  • Chase.W
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This week I watched an episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Part of the episode talked about the Winter X-Games. We are all aware the “X” in X-Games is for extreme. What I found interesting is how the limits have been pushed. As the X-Games have evolved competitors are going faster, higher, and pushing the limit even more in order to “wow” the crowd and judges. With more risks being taken the chance for injury rises as well.

The story starts off interviewing Colten Moore who is a professional snowmobile racer. He talks about the love of the sport and the thrill of landing all these crazy jumps and pushing the limit. The interview then turns to the topic of Colten’s brother. His brother Caleb Moore was also a snowmobile racer who died at the 2013 Winter X-Games . Caleb Moore was doing a back flip and under rotated and the snowmobile ski caught the snow as he was landing and he flew face forward into the snow. The 450lbs snowmobile then came crashing into his chest. He was sent to the hospital and later died of his wounds.

I know there are risks in every sport. But I feel like money plays a huge role here. Obviously the television ratings rise when people are pushing the limit. The competitors want to push their limits even more because when they win they get more corporate sponsors. Obviously corporate sponsors want to see their athlete winning events and representing their company, but at what cost? When is it time to say that’s enough? Money talks and that’s why these athletes will continue to push the limits to showcase their skill and make money.
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X-Games 03 Apr 2016 23:19 #9429

  • Darian Y
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The X games have really grown in the past ten years. I remember going to my first X games. It was the year that a double backflip was done. It was so amazing to see that in person and ever sense then I have been watching the X games every year.
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