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NFL Draft 27 Apr 2016 11:59 #9611

  • Darian Y
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With the NFL draft happening this week, football has been in the news. This draft is set to be a big one because the top ten players are either defensive, offensive lineman, or quarterbacks. This year there are so many good defensive players coming out of this draft that in the future when we look back we will say that this was one of the best defensive drafts in the past ten years. There are only two quarterbacks that will be taken in the first round and they will probably go back to back one and two. Both the Eagles and the Rams who traded up to get a quaterbacks.
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NFL Draft 28 Apr 2016 08:50 #9612

  • Hanmaro.S
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Although I am not a fan of NFL or any other sports but I still can get news and information about those and through the media, I grasp some major or big announcement even without researching. And I think that is one of the power the media has.
What I have been wondering myself about such news is that people tend to favor watching sports, reality shows, fishing, golfing and many other activities and think of it as a hobby but not games.
These days games are considered as a e-sports and aired via the media as well but whenever I watch games on TV, people tell me to go outside and do something active instead of just sitting and watching it while eating some snacks. I don't really get what's so much different watching it than watching other sports and other shows.
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