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PS4 Neo 14 May 2016 18:23 #9782

  • Kyle.L
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In the recent weeks news has come out of a new PS4 that will have better specs with a lot more processing power and better graphics that is supposed to come out this year. The name for the new PS$ is the neo as the price will be what the original PS4 launched at the price point of $500 and for reference the current price of the PS4 is only $400. You would be paying for the increase in everything mentioned before but there is things that are still not known about the other specs of the new console. I am hoping that the neo will have a bigger hard drive that is bigger than the 500 GB that currently comes standard.

With the news of the new console comes the news of the possibility of games that would take advantage of the new hardware to make games that not only look better but also run better than others. The other part of this news is that there would not be games that were only exclusive to the neo as developers would have to make the game compatible for the new and the old. This is interesting as it remains to be seen what exactly they might do with the more powerful console. The news can be seen also as some bad news for owners of the original.

It makes sense as Sony has it covered from both sides as they are not going to leave owners of the original console out to dry as they have plans to include both. I myself want the new PS4 as the promise of a more powerful console is very interesting as it may make games even better. I also am a little skeptical also as I also wonder just how much better the neo will be compared to the original console.
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PS4 Neo 16 May 2016 15:27 #9842

  • Aram.A
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Just what the world needs, another PS system to rave over. Coming from the point of view of a collector I have always found the urge to purchase the next best gaming device for no good reason, especially seeing how the previous model still fits the bill of fun. With the lack of proper advancement and a constant markup unnecessarily, I feel as though this model of PS will definitely fill the criteria for loss of funds within Sony's mindset. To be quite frank, we simply do not need to place this much "backward advancement." It is the same as Apple releasing an iPhone X then adding 2mp to the camera and releasing another fan crazy iPhone Xc or Xs. Although we are pushing forward, the consumer market should not have to fund the drive for advancement, that drive should replicate that within the engineers.
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PS4 Neo 18 Sep 2016 22:51 #10282

  • saim.k
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The original PS4 should have been the PS4 NEO i dont know why its necessary to have half generation consoles. I wish it was like the old days with high end gaming you couldn't get on the pc for the same price and backwards compatibility. I miss the old days.
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