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TOPIC: No more cellphones and technology please!!

No more cellphones and technology please!! 09 Oct 2016 16:14 #10503

  • denise.j
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How badly does a person depend on technology now and days? I would say, heavily. Back in the days we would use road maps to guide us from city to city or from country to country. Now we have GPS, I rarely see old road maps out in the stores. What would happen if GPS were to disappear? How will we travel. I personally do not know any phone numbers that are in my contacts in my phone. If my phone were to die, I wouldn’t know who to call because I wouldn’t remember any phone numbers. Back in the days, instant film cameras were popular for their quick photo revelations and now we can easily take pictures with our cellphones. Sadly, not many film cameras exist because we now have electronic devices that have cameras on them. We rely on the internet for research papers or simply keep in touch with media and social media. Whereas, back in the day’s older generations would use encyclopedias and literature to research for information when needed. I rather much would love to interact with an actual book than an e-text. Where would humanity stand without technology if what was “old school” is now close to be vanished.
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No more cellphones and technology please!! 14 Oct 2016 19:18 #10552

  • juhyunh
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Hi Denise,
I have to agree with you, I want to promote a world where we aren't revolving around technology and force it to be a method of reliability in our everyday lives. Recently, I involuntarily lived without a smartphone for about two weeks and remember how old school I felt, writing down everyone's numbers on a notepad, asking passing pedestrians where a bus stop was because I couldn't simply call an uber from my phone and having to catch up with friends in person since I couldn't "like" a picture on their Instagram feed.
Sadly, the reality is that we are so dependent on our phones and technology that we can hardly imagine life without them and this is only getting worse. Nowadays even ordinary everyday objects such as a watch are "smart watches" and a pair of glasses become "Snapchat Spectacles".
I hope you take this realization and act upon your personal excessive media consumption while avoiding becoming sucked into the addiction yourself. Good luck!
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No more cellphones and technology please!! 30 Oct 2016 22:12 #10772

  • saim.k
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I honestly have to disagree I feel like cell phones and modern technology is the best thing man kind has ever created. We have access to so much more information at any given time, I can send money to my cousin who is thousands of miles away in seconds, I can video chat with my brother who is going to school in a different country while I'm in an uber I called on my phone that is taking me to school. There is so much we can do now that we couldn't do before.
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