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TOPIC: Macbook pro disappointment

Macbook pro disappointment 21 Nov 2016 13:54 #11025

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The video was published by Casey Neistat and it is his penultimate video blog. I actually followed him since last year which was when he started to "vlog" and it sucks that he has to go. Although a lot of his videos were quite boring, there were a few videos that stood out and had exciting material. I can feel the challenge he has to face while making the video and the passion he has in creating for them. However, I noticed that a lot of his vlogs were becoming lackluster and became merely routine. Nonetheless, I really liked his videos because I envied what he did. I am an extrovert and I really enjoy meeting new people. Whilst doing his video blogs, he bacame very popular and random people would recongnize him on the streets. Furthermore, he was given so many great opporutunties including colabartion with other youtubers, being invited to youtube, google, and facebook headwuarters and meeting the ceo of a company called Boosted Board. Honesly, I was jelous how he was able to reach out to the far distant world so easily.

His penulimtate video was significant because it really reached out to me and my frustration with the new release of the macbook pro. I have been saving up money for the new macbook pro, but I am really considering to just keep using the laptop I have right now. The release of the new Mcabook Pro was a major disapointment to me. I am quite frustrated and I am not sure what to do with the money I have saved up. Perhaps, I should just keep it as emergency funds.

I was conteplating to buy the new release, but it's just frustrating how they took out many of the pratical functions of the macbook pro. They took out the hdmi port and the usb port, and they had added more c ports (whatever that is). And then, they took out the sd memory card. I think Apple really wants me to just use bluetooth and use the cloud which is very inconvenient. As someone who uses sd card quite frequently and use flashdrives frequently, I now have to buy three dongles. Interstingly, they did not get rid of the headphone jack. They also got rid of the mag charger. The mag charger was one of the coolest functions of the macbook pro. It's where the charging port is connected via magnet. So, if someone trips over the charging cable, there is no tripping hazard because the charger in the charging port would become unplugged without the laptop following. Anyway, I think Apple plateued after the death of Steve Jobs. Perhaps they even went down hill a bit.

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