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TOPIC: RIP Great Barrier Reef

RIP Great Barrier Reef 16 Oct 2016 23:23 #10615

  • monica.f
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Last week, Outside Magazine wrote an Obituary for the dying Great Barrier Reef. It claimed it had died in 2016, listing it's life from "25 Million BC to 2016". It stated that the reef had died after a "long illness" and framed it as if it were human, educating its readers on the ecology, the large span of ocean it covers, its cause of decay. Meant facetiously, but also to build awareness, the article took the US by storm. Many people thought it to be true- that the Great Barrier Reef, one of the wonders of the world, was actually dead. Even scientists were freaking out over it. Because of this sensationalist headline and content, it has reopened awareness to the dying natural beauty. It is a great way for viral media to work in the direction of a good cause, the way Blackfish did for the freeing of Killer Whales in commercial captivity. I hope that conservation efforts can be met and awareness can be built- because right now, many on social media sites are of course taking the blip of information at face value and not doing their due diligence and finding out if it is actually dead or what they can do to contribute to slowing its deterioration. Climate change and ocean acidification are a huge problem that will take a large effort, even if it's mass movement origins start in sensationalist viral media reporting.

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RIP Great Barrier Reef 25 Oct 2016 14:39 #10705

  • cierra.m
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Hello Monica,

I also saw this headline online somewhere. I know there has been talks about it being close to dying, ill, etc. but to think that it actually happened and wasn't able to be revived to life is sad. It held life to many creatures, plants, fish, organisms in the ocean there and to think their home is now taken away is heartbreaking.
I hope that we can still bring this reef back to life, otherwise we humans need to take an action to be careful, to watch what we are doing to our own earth.
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