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TOPIC: Naruto ending

Naruto ending 22 Oct 2016 10:51 #10667

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Naruto Shippuden is a show that I have been watching since I was a Kid. I was first introduced to it though cartoon network, and then it cut from the network. For a while I didnt know that it was a show from Japan that was available online and I could watch it with sub-titles. Once i knew that I caught my self up until it changed from Naruto to Naruto Shippuden. Eventually I got into the Manga which is bacilly the comics of the story. I researched the creator nd turns out he does a new episode every week and never takes a break. He hand draws all the episodes and has to create a continuous story that makes sense. Although we see that there are some holes in the story we see that the Anime covers it up.

The Anime might take its time in telling the story and take more breaks than the Manga but this is good. We see that the side stories aka "fillers" have some good stories in them, sometimes there really boring and have no interesting things in them. When the manga finished in November 2014 we had alot of questions for the series. In the Anime we just got to the ending with alot less questions than we did in the Manga. This is because of the fillers that they make us endure that made the ending come 2 years after the Manga but whose counting.

This Series has became more than just a story for me and most people. It has alot of challenges for the main character and yet in the end he achieves his goal that was from the very beginning. I feel that I my self have grown up with this character for 10 years and with it ending it feels that we have to move on from the childish things that we still hold on too.
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