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Celebs VOTING! 08 Nov 2016 14:11 #10865

  • cierra.m
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I know it might not be that exciting, but literally everyone on my social media are posting their photos that they have just voted today (with the stickers), for the 2016 election (which we find out late tonight/tomorrow morning on who wins!).

I've seen my friends, colleagues, and general people I follow including celebrities posting on their social media that they have voted and encouraging others to go and vote as every vote counts. I think this is actually good for people to do this as it truly does encourage us to go and vote. It even encouraged me but I am only eligible to vote in Texas (as I am not a California resident).

I also truly think every vote counts, and I think that it is actually happy and inspiring to see how everyone is out voting today. Not just "older" adults but even people who are of the age of eighteen! People still in high school, just starting college. Your everyday people.

I think seeing celebs voting is actually cool and neat to observe. They are putting out encouraging messages and captions within their posts to get us all out to go and vote!

I have found a news article that shows some celeb photos of celebrities voting here.
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Celebs VOTING! 08 Nov 2016 18:30 #10870

  • erin.o
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I love how everyone is posting about the election! I am actually watching it as I write. All of my friends are posting on Snapchat and Instagram that they are voting as well. I have also seen numerous postings from celebrities. I agree with you that seeing celebrities vote is good because they are influencing others to vote as well. Celebrities voting is encouraging especially a younger generation to go and vote. I think that this is the largest election among younger voters. Millennials are definitely more engaged because of celebrity endorsement. Hillary even utilized Beyonce and Jay Z in her campaign to reach younger voters.
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