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TOPIC: Miss America

Miss America 20 Sep 2015 20:05 #7688

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This past week, I watched the Miss America Pageant with my roommates. It was very interesting to see how they set up the entire show and the publicity that it obtained. It was truly incredible to see such a diverse group of young woman and watch all their talents and achievements as well as learn their goals for the future. What I found extremely interesting was the group of people they chose to lead this event. They had pop stars, reality TV stars, television stars, etc. They chose these specific people as hosts and judges. What stood out to me the most was the fact that Chris Harrison was the host of the entire pageant. When I think of Chris Harrison, I think of the host of the Bachelor, one of the most unrealistic and ridiculous reality TV shows about love. It was hard to take him seriously. Then we had Nick Jonas, a sex icon in the pop culture industry hanging out with all the girls and being a co-host with Chris Harrison. The judges were a diverse group of people as well. They had Vanessa Williams, former Miss America, Brett Eldregde, a country singer, Amy Purdy, an Olympian, Zendaya, a Disney Channel Star, and Danica Mckellar, an actress and former dancing with the stars contestant. Media played a huge role in this event because they reached out to several different audiences and allowed the viewers to relate to either one of the judges or faun over one of the hosts. I personally watched the pageant because I was amazed at these young woman and their successes and goals in life. That to me was inspiring enough. I didn’t need all these celebrities and popular faces to get me to watch. These young women work hard and do all they can to help their communities and on top of that are avid learners with a full course load in school.
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Miss America 20 Sep 2015 22:14 #7706

  • april.g
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I would say I feel rather differently about Miss America. Even though these girls have became successful in their goals I feel that this show is unnecessary. I feel like its putting women a couple of decades back when it comes to women equality, putting women in very revealing clothing and holding challenges that aren't related to their careers. In today's society they say its okay to dress, wear, and watch women in clothing that shows a bit too much. I know it today's society its acceptable but what about for yourself, don't you feel that wearing clothing like that give the men the wrong idea, giving them the temptation that they shouldn't have. Women should be respected not whistled at.
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