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TOPIC: Weeds

Weeds 25 Sep 2016 23:41 #10364

  • paige.b
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Again this week, i found myself watching the same teenage girl well her mother was traveling. When we were sitting watching TV we began watching a new show called Weeds. Personally, growing up I had been a huge fan of this show. I loved it the idea of a woman drug dealer and all the crazy problems she faces well dealing weed. It fascinated me. However, again, watching it with a young teenager, I couldn't help but think about what kind of thoughts it was placing into her head, or even what thoughts it had placed in mine.

First of all, the main character Nancy, finds herself constantly relying on men to take care of you. She uses sex as a weapon with him and tries to play this helpless innocent person. I don't think that sends the right message for girls. I hate this idea that gets placed in are head that were supposed to use our bodies and sex to get attention from men and get what we want from them. I don't get it or agree with it. It seems unfair that we get raised in a way that makes us think the only way to get ahead is through our bodies.

Another issue I have with the show is that the main character Nancy's husband dies at the beginning which makes her decide to turn to weed in order to make money. It almost is like she thinks that their is no other way she would be able to get by. It promotes this idea that women have to turn to bad things like drug dealing in order to make it with out a man. They don't talk about her building a life for herself or creating a career. She just gets caught up in drug dealing and activities surrounding that. In my opinion, that does not show a strong independent woman.
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Weeds 17 Oct 2016 22:04 #10624

  • steffani.o
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I remember watching Weeds behind my moms back and watching while she was away. Everyone at school would watch it so I felt the need to watch it. I never show the things you mentioned until I read what you said. They made Nancy look like she had no control over what her future was going to be. Another huge thing was how they let Stevie kill the girl and his mom thought she should hide him instead of one seeking help for him and two letting him get punished.
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