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TOPIC: DC: The FLash

DC: The FLash 02 Oct 2016 15:06 #10417

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I am excited about the up coming week. The fact that i will have a show to watch Monday-Thursday not only a show the is a hour long but DC universe show. I like how the CW got Supergirl to join their network. It would have been just awkward with out having at least some type of connection to the other heroes of the justice league. Out of the four shows that are currently on the CW I like the flash the most.

I think its the fact that he is my favorite character from the justice league but as well as they have so many story lines to choose from. They brought out flash point in the new season coming up. He has changed time so many times I dont know if they wanted it to be intentional or its because they had ran put pf ideas for the show. Either way they made it happen with the time changing or not. They made the reasons why he doesnt kill his enemies very clear and the conflict with that is very fun to watch. Although you want to be mad at Barry Allen for the things he does you cant because you know the reason why he does what he does.

Its kind of hard to watch some episodes at times. I want to throw they remote at the tv sometimes but in the end of the episodes I am at the edge of my seat once again. I dont know where I was going with this post so I am sorry if you opened it and expected to see more about the DC universe. I just wanted to make a fan boy post about the flash and well because Its coming on in just two days.
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