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WestWorld *SPOILERS* 17 Nov 2016 13:18 #10962

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I started this show called westworld not having any idea what it was going to be about. By the looks of it I thought it was going to be something about space and aliens. I was completely wrong, its mostly about robots and humans. We have seemed to be able to create robots that look and talk exactly like Humans, we made them to not be able to harm any human's. The amusement park was created by 2 scientist that wanted to make a world where it was based in the wild west and you played a game. The game was not very defined it was solely based on choices that you make. The choices that you make would shape your adventure, the characters or "hosts" as they call them are there to help you figure out youre journey. These hosts are human like enough that you are able to have sex with them and even kill them. The guest can do what ever they want to them.

IN the first few episode we see that there is a loop. A story that plays over and over for some of the host's unless a guest taps into there other narratives that they have hidden. Although the guest can choose to relax and sit back you are able to be the bad guy as well as the crazy one who just shoots up all the hosts. They have people who watch over the safety of the guest as well as people who program the hosts to make them more human like. The owner of the park has created some program that will help the hosts be more life like that help that cause But this has opened anther safety hazard. The hosts are starting to remember what the humans have done to them in there past days, see if someone kills a hosts all they do is purge there memory and patch them up. Some of the hosts with the new update have started to remember the bad things and there past programming.

I feel that this was bound to happen to the park. They made the robots too smart and too life like, now they are going to revolt like every other robot movie or show. I do like the story behind this one character that has been the bad guy for while now. He has been coming to the park for a very long time and has figured that there is anther meaning to the game then just killing so I am excited to see what that is,
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