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TOPIC: The Importance of All Television

The Importance of All Television 27 Nov 2016 13:51 #11066

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Before you wonder the legitimacy to my bold claim, let me first quell all concerns by saying that, obviously, not all television is important. However, it is the idea of ALL television that makes all television important. What I mean by this, is that it's that fact that television is told over consecutive seasons and multiple episodes. The reason this is so important is because it allows us to explore philosophical questions about life through film. The long narrative allows us to ask questions like "where is home?" and explore multiple attempts at answering the question while also providing counter examples. Television can essentially act as an open narrative, or in simpler terms it allows the author to explore life for himself while allowing us to partake. Even the most seemingly juvenile television shows do this. Take animated sitcoms for example. Have you ever wondered why animated sitcoms like: The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park, take place in small towns as opposed to large metropolitan cities? Even further, have you ever wondered why the characters of such shows seem to be the center of their respected worlds, and how global events seem to occur at the center of these small towns? It's because these small towns are fictionalized case studies. South Park represents each cross section of the American Population on a small scale so that it is easier to understand. There is one Jewish boy, one Black boy, one transgender, one gay male, one redneck, one lower class family, the list goes on. The creators of these shows are playing out simulations of our world in these fantasy towns. Take for instance the most recent episodes of South Park. They tackle issues like simulating an upcoming gender war, caused by the rise in popularity of PC culture, they also tackle the issue of Trump's election through the idea of "membering" the past. They even went as far as to tackle Lord's influence on girls and how its not so much about her music but far more about the strength she represents to girls. These episodes, if used correctly, can serve to teach us to learn from our mistakes by looking at them from an outside perspective. That is why television is important. We can learn about life without ever having to leave the house, or even more beneficial, without ever starting an unnecessary conflict.
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