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TOPIC: Super Hero Crossover!

Super Hero Crossover! 29 Nov 2016 18:16 #11114

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I have been watching all the series on the CW that include superhero's . This list includes Supergirl which is on on monday, Flash is on tuesday, Arrow on wednesday, and lastly Legends of Tomorrow. I like how we are finally getting to see more cross overs which the shows which are technically in the same universe. Although we havent gotten a batman show (besides gotham, which is amazing btw) I still feel like this is really cool to see these characters come to live action television.

The crossover started last night with supergirl but the crossover wasnt really much of a crossover much more like a s=ending credit's scene. The flash showed up in supergirls universe in the last 2 minutes of the show. The flash came asking for help because she said that she owes him one. The recent previews has showed that the thing he needs help with are aliens that invade the earth. I think it might have something to do with the message that Future barry sent to Rip the commander of the time ship. The legends dont know about this message because jackson and the Professor have chosen to keep it a secret.

I feel like this crossover will bring alot of non-viewers to the shows. They might even start binge watching on netflix to catch up like the rest of us. This will get alot of money for the CW, giving more incentive to create more super hero shows, the next one i feel like should happen is a reboot of static shock, although it was a cartoon it was watched by alot of people. Those children that watched it are now at consumer age so this could be a possibility.
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