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TOPIC: Good Girls Revolt

Good Girls Revolt 04 Dec 2016 21:28 #11159

  • madelyn.v
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This Amazon original series is based on the civil rights movement in the 1960s. It portrays what women had to go through in a man world, and what they had to do to get a little of that power. As I was watching this series I was looking on how the director not only did the women's movement of it but was also able to get all of the social changes going on hence -- the women work at a news room and had to stay on top of the events. Clearly, I enjoyed the show and would recommend it, to analyze and see if our society has really changed.
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Good Girls Revolt 06 Dec 2016 13:20 #11184

  • rebecca.w
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I have heard good things about this show, but I have to say I am somewhat dismayed at the continued popularity of a genre of film that should be exhausted by now. Shows like Mad Men, Masters of Sex, and Good Girls Revolt all harken back to the 1960s women's liberation movement when times were really tough for women. However, the media's emphasis on just how bad it was back then seems to distract from just how bad it still is. Nostalgia for when gender roles and gender expectations were clearly defined (even though they oppressed women) seems to be a popular sentiment in both entertainment and politics (Make America Great Again). This misty-eyed fondness for "the good ol' days" when men had all the power and women had to find ways to seduce, manipulate, and deceive men into accepting their ideas is unsettling to say the least. While the shows purport to be feminist by showing the power of female organized resistance, they also depict horrific misogyny and casual sexism in the same way that horror movies eroticize human suffering. Looking back distracts viewers from looking forward, providing a false sense of security that feminism is dead now that gender equality has been achieved. The truth is that sexism runs deep in American culture, politics, and entertainment. The media continues to belittle, degrade, humiliate, and objectify women to attract consumers. While Good Girls Revolt may have some positive messaging along the lines of female empowerment, comforting ourselves in progress that has stalled out for fifty years is not going to improve the lives of American women.
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