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TOPIC: Quantum Break video game not so great.

Quantum Break video game not so great. 06 Apr 2016 12:51 #9443

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Recently I was over at a friend’s house watching him like Quantum Break on his Xbox one and I think he was a little disappointed with the game. As I watched him play I started to grow curious of his fascination and his expectations of the game. Initial trailers for Quantum Break promised that it was entering ‘uncharted territory’, and would offer a combined gaming/television experience in which each choice you made in the game would affect how the show panned out, and vice versa. I assume that gamers were told that this was a brand new way of telling stories, and that the way we played was about to change. The game makes an honest shot at living up to some of these promises, but never rises above being a moderately interesting action game that occasionally forces you to stop playing and watch 22 minutes of mundane television.
There are four episodes of the show, which is about how many episodes it would have taken for ratings to plummet if it screened on a major network. Some remnants of the team’s initial ambition remain, but Quantum Break is likely to be remembered more for its interesting action mechanics than for its storytelling, which ultimately breaks very little new ground. The plot in Quantum Break is a bit all over the place. In spite of there being a good selection of weapons in the game that attempt to give some degree of variety to the combat, clunky player movement and weak shooting mechanics that lack the heavy punch of good gun sound effects cause the action segments of the game to become stale after the first few acts.
In an attempt to offer players extra story details there are ‘narrative objects’ - Quantum Break’s take on collectibles – scattered throughout each act that come in the form of emails, audio files. This isn’t the first time a game and TV show has been integrated for storytelling purposes. However my friend kept repeating the fact that “the game not quite the same thing, but in games you can skip the cut scenes as well if you want to just want to go into the experience for the action game play despite it being a story-driven game.”
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