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TOPIC: No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky 22 Apr 2016 00:11 #9537

  • Kyle.L
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When this game first was shown at E3 the hype for this game was real as this game was going to do what other games never have done before. The seamless transition from going from land to space was something that a lot of players have been looking forward to as I've said before no game has ever done this before. The game is something that many are looking forward too as the game looks really promising and the features that the game has are very interesting.

The game is about exploring space as the player you have a ship and you can explore many different galaxies and visit many new planets that have yet to be discovered. The game is about exploring as you meet different alien races that you can either trade or you can become enemies to the certain alien race. The other cool part is that you will be able to name certain materials that you find and if another player happens to find the planet you visited they will see your discovery.

The developers of the game say that not everything in the game will be found as that is just how big the game really is. The massive scope of this game makes it really interesting as the idea of this is just really unbelievable. I personally am excited to see how the game turns out when it is released to the public in its completed state. The game is due to be released in June as it is approaching and I can't wait for the release.
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No Man's Sky 24 Apr 2016 22:39 #9588

  • yuweizhang710
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This game sounds interesting. I think that i will try it sometimes. I am interesting about the topic because it said no man's sky. Is this game build for girl or for other reasons? It is like a gender problem and I saw it in the viode game part. LOL
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No Man's Sky 24 Apr 2016 22:48 #9591

  • brianna.m
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I recently watched IGN's 21 minutes of New Gameplay, which highlighted No Man's Sky. Like, you, I'm super excited for its release as it will be the first sandbox game of its time that will so effectively portray such a huge world. One thing the hype about this game has proven is that video games have always been appreciated for their gameplay and interactions therein. With movies and other non-interactive media, I notice that the huge corporate oligopoly producing them provides only a little variety for the audience. I would question the "artful"ness of some movies out there for this reason. With games, if a game sucks- it sucks, and money can't buy someone's opinion. No Man's Sky is another successful example of an indie developer creating something that so many people can get hyped up about. People appreciate video games for their mechanics and ability to immerse one into another universe.
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No Man's Sky 03 May 2016 11:22 #9688

  • Hanmaro.S
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I also have seen the preview of this game and it looked really amazing. What it fascinated me was the massive scale of the game itself. As you mentioned, it takes so long time to discover every planet in the game that one person cannot find all in his lifetime. Even millions of players would take a long time to discover every single planet.
One thing that concerns me is that if the game would be the same as shown in the video clip in Youtube after being released because I have seen many cases that in the clips are high quality games just to be released with low or unexpected quality due to over-exaggeration.
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