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TOPIC: I am alive

I am alive 03 May 2016 11:30 #9690

  • Hanmaro.S
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This is a game based on a world after a heavy sandstorm that no electric machine functions well any longer and people suffer from the aftermath. Occasionally small sandstorms keep happening that people cannot settle in one place and they have to evacuate from places to avoid suffering. The government is nowhere that no more law is practiced by people. People with power get to have anything they want.
NO LAW IS PRACTICED. They steal, kill, rape, rob and do lots of other crimes without any problems since there is no one such as police officers stopping them.
It is about a married man who has returned to his town where his family lived and tries to find his wife and daughter as he goes through the town and encounters people. The new life style is like an ancient time when people get to do whatever they want if they have means. The army drops off some supplies and people try to get it before others and keep it to themselves or trade with others. And by doing so, they mostly kills those in their ways.
The game is not so difficult that it took me a few hours to complete it but after I played, I kept thinking if it would be what would actually happen if some events like this happen. Would people murder each other to get what they need? Is humanity's real nature to take things from each other with power or would they collaborate each other to break through and build what they used to have again?
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I am alive 06 May 2016 22:20 #9702

  • Kyle.L
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Usually video games take the idea of ab apocalypse to the extreme as most of the time video games are a work of fiction. It is very possible that what you mentioned is a possibility. Too me I don't think this would happen right away as it would take time for things to deteriorate that badly. I also think that the game is just mad max but not as wasteland oriented as some form of order still exists as this game you described I have never heard of it. It sounds interesting but also seems to be very generic as many other games have done games under the same premise.
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