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TOPIC: Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 06 May 2016 22:56 #9703

  • Kyle.L
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Uncharted 4 is releasing this coming Tuesday as it is very much a game that has been really hyped up as it has received really good reviews in the lead up to the upcoming release. The game developed by the critically acclaimed studio Naughty Dog who in recent time released the one of the best games Last of Us. The hype around the game is very much well deserved as the Uncharted series is one of the best around as the series has never disappointed.

Uncharted 4 from what we have seen from the trailers and the gameplay that has been shown, is absolutely stunning as the in game footage looks really well done. The story also looks to be really good as this is supposed to be the final game in the series as we will see what happens in the end. Uncharted as a series has always been a series that people have looked forward to in the past. With the new console generation with the PS4 and the remastering of the first 3 game has lead people to playing the series.

This game looks really promising as I cannot wait to play it as the reviews that have came out for the game have been really high as the game has received nine and tens only. The series will always be well remembered as Naughty Dog time and time again has never disappointed fans. After this series we have the next Last of Us game to look forward to.
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Uncharted 4 22 May 2016 22:04 #9902

  • Darian Y
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I also can not wait to play Uncharted 4. Ive played the past three games and really enjoyed them. The game is its own there is no game out there that is like Uncharted. You go on a great adventure when playing the game and when its over you feel like youve lived it. I can see them making a film in the future for this movie
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