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TOPIC: S6 world championship LOL

S6 world championship LOL 06 Oct 2016 23:32 #10462

  • zixuan.l
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s6 world championship, league of legends, started. that is big news in gaming stage since league of legends has the most players among all games in the world. it started on the 29 of september. the group stage of the s6 world championship will last from september 29 to october 2, and from october 6 to 9 in san francisco. the quarterfinal will be from october 13 to 16 in chicago. the semifinal will be on october 21 and 22 in new york. the final will be held in stables center, los angeles, on october 29. to conclude, the game matches will be going around the united states for a month.
i keep on thinking the reason why a game could be held like that solemnly. esports is a new stage of "sports". many people like playing league of legends and watch matches. this makes me think of the influence of technology. technologies are taking over people's life, and now, even sports are being replaced by esports. however, this is not completely bad news since people are more interested in games than just running. people could have fun playing games, but hardly, people could have the same attitude towards training in sports.
league of legends matches is interesting because you cannot know the result until the last second. many turnover games have been shown to people who watched league of legends' matches. the result can be in trend but never predictable. for example, skt is the one who has earned the honor of world championship for 2 seasons. however, it was beat by fw, a team that is not powerful, for a game in group stage this season. not only unpredictable result, but also strategies are attractive for viewers. playing skills are not the only part of the game, the strategies of the team are very important to win too.
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S6 world championship LOL 22 Oct 2016 19:57 #10669

  • KrisakornNiamsomboon
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You don't know results unless it's against Koreans because they always win. Speaking of world championship we now have an all korean final which seem to be expected since they dominate every year. I hope other regions can do better but it seems to be a long while before we see koreans lose to any team that's not korean.

That being said it is still fun to watch such a high level game play. I hope we see LoL continue to grow but who knows :P
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