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TOPIC: Relevation Online Flop

Relevation Online Flop 06 Nov 2016 15:08 #10822

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Relevation Online is an upcoming MMORPG that is made in China. It's currently being plubish by and they recently had a close beta. A Close beta is when you let limited amount of people "test" your game before official launch. They have sold founders which are basically like pre-orders which gives you access to close beta and any play time before official launch. The prices of these founder packs ranges from 20$ to 90$. This game was super hyped and people have estimated that they have sold 500k+ dollars on founder packs.

A lot of people are complaining about it right now due to the fact that the close beta was terrible. The game was in 1 year of development to localize but they didn't even translate the game. People couldn't believe that after 1 year the game was re-lease it a mixture of Chinese and Russian. A lot of people are upset at the current state of the game and want their money back .

There has been a debate on whether people's anger were justified or not. Some say that if the game is in close beta state people shouldn't be complaining since they have not release yet. Others say that because they accepted pre-orders(founders) the game should have reach a certain point of completion.

Personally, this is the worst close beta I have ever seen. The game itself was fun but it was unplayable due to it being in two different languages that I don't speak. I believe when it comes to online games first impression is everything. For to release the game in this state just shows their inexperience or greed or both.
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