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TOPIC: Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 04 Dec 2016 19:28 #11152

  • KrisakornNiamsomboon
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Watch Dogs 2 is a new game that just came out by Ubisoft. The first version of this game did not have a great release. The main issue being that by the time the game was released, the graphics were tone down a lot leaving a lot of people upset. So with the new release a lot of people were worried that it was going to be like the first version and left people disappointed. To everyone surprise the game was extremely good upon release. The graphics weren't toned down and it wasn't glitchy as the first of the series.

The game is about a hacker who is trying to stop a giant company who is trying to gain monopoly on everyone's private information. This game is a sandbox game where you can go anywhere and explore while doing missions that help you continue the story. What makes this game unique is that you can hack a lot of stuff that people use nowadays to gain an advantage for your character or use it to help your mission. You can hack cameras or even people's phone to find out more about them.

This game is pretty fun and it shows how much information people are willing to put out in today's world. Even though this is a made up-scenario game, certain possibility are possible and it makes you think. Just by knowing someone's social media you can know a lot about that person already. The game itself is similiar to Grand Theft Auto but the hacking skills really put on a unique twist. The game map is also bad on San Francisco and being able to explore the map is a worthwhile experience in itself.
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Watch Dogs 2 04 Dec 2016 22:39 #11166

  • jiayue.s
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Thank you for your sharing. I think with the popularization of visual reality, such games can be made more popular and prevalent for people of all gender and background. Game producers should also aim at producign games taht can have some educational value or societal value such as eliiminating stereotypes and promoting equality.
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