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TOPIC: Horoscope

Horoscope 01 Apr 2013 01:02 #2379

  • zackuntalan
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Recently in my Astronomy class my professor said that horoscopes aren't real and that it is a made up science. I personally believe in horoscopes and astrology. I feel that most of the traits and characteristics of my astrological sign are true and present in myself. I am a taurus and my cousin is a taurus, and we both have very similar mindsets and characteristics that we can relate with. A taurus is very strong and stubborn but very kind at heart. This explains myself exactly, but it also could be the way that I was raised and the environment. I researched a lot of information on astrology and found information about my horoscope, which I was surprised to be very accurate. There are many skeptics that believe that all the horoscopes are ment for every and can all pertain to each individual. I find this to be false because in many cases the horoscopes are ment for that exact month time period and the the stars that are present in the sky all have to do with your ora.
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Horoscope 22 Mar 2015 04:40 #6393

  • korilei
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I'm a Leo and the characteristics of a Leo apply to me but the daily horoscopes don't always apply to me but I do like to just read them. I think it's crazy when people ask you your sign and base your whole relationship off of it. I don't think someones sign defines them or if the two are compatible.
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Horoscope 13 Oct 2016 13:31 #10542

  • denise.j
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I personally do believe in horoscopes. I am a virgo and my astrology traits are analytical, creative and have a calm demeanor; which are accurate. I recently watched a YouTube video; the YouTuber made a video specifically talking about astrology. She goes into depth in discussing how we all have 3 signs that “makes” us. She is basically saying that for example I may be a Virgo but have characteristics that may be from another sign because of my moon, sun and ascendants. She included a website where we can check what our three signs are based on the time, date and place where we were born. The website that she included can help us understand ourselves better.

Link to her video:
Link to the website:
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