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TOPIC: National Report

National Report 11 Apr 2014 03:35 #4672

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So today I happened across an article entitled "Kansas to Black out 'Cosmos' Show Over Controversies". I read the article and it was unfortunately realistic (which is a whole other sad discussion) but eventually it did strike me, there was something about it and I just needed to check out this apparent 'news' source called the National Report (the apparent news website on which the article appeared). I scanned around their main page and ended up googling the name to see what other sources had to say. While it was fairly easy to discover that this website was a farce, I really think it should have been a bit easier to determine from the page itself. Sure some of the main stories seem instigative and slightly far-fetched, but only slightly. So what I was ultimately puzzled about was why this website even existed? Don't get me wrong, I love comedy, farce, and satire, for illuminating insight as from the Daily Show and just sometimes for an awkward chuckle as from the Onion. However it seems this website is neither. It seems this National Report is yellow journalism merely for the sake of sensationalism. Unless it's a subtle and subcultural anarchist attack then I truly believe it has no purpose beyond ad space. Perhaps the authors actually think they're being funny, but I seriously doubt it. I really think this website is only to create outrageous, yet seemingly real headlines just to draw attention to sell ad space. I don't know why I'm particularly surprised, it's not like education has been sacred (or even important) in this country since the days when it was only afforded to the rich and white.
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