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TOPIC: The Dress

The Dress 06 Mar 2015 01:33 #6134

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The past week a dress took over the internet. I was confused and shocked how much commotion it caused. I wasn't on my phone all day and I seen one of my friends on Instagram post a picture of a dress, I thought she was debating if she should buy it or not and joking about the color. The next post was the same exact dress asking the same question about the color. I knew something was up, so I Googled it.

It all started off when a bride posted a picture on Tumblr trying to figure out the color of the dress because one of her bridesmaids said “That’s not the color it should be!” Some people see the dress as black and blue, others see it as gold and white and some say purple and brown. This dress took over every social media form in just a couple of hours within the time it was posted. It’s crazy how information can spread so fast, making everyone notice.

I thought it was a dumb joke just trying to mess with everyone, so I asked my cousin what color the dress was without telling her anything about it. She said gold and white, so I thought maybe it was a joke because I seen the same colors. I mean the color was very distinct and I couldn't see how people were seeing black and blue, there was no way it could be those colors in my eyes. Then she asked my other cousin and she seen black and blue. We kept asking people and they kept saying black and blue so they thought we were crazy. We couldn't tell if people knew about the dress or not so we asked my little 7 year old cousin who wouldn't know anything about the dress and she said white and gold! Everyone was tripping out and talking about this dress. It was just amazing to me how everyone saw different colors and how fast this dress took over the internet. This dress even made the news!

It reminds me to not believe everything the media puts out because it only takes one person with a good following base to post or re post something and everyone believes it to be true because it’s on the internet.

What colors do you see?
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