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TOPIC: Irrelevant Buzz about the iPhone 6s

Irrelevant Buzz about the iPhone 6s 27 Sep 2015 16:54 #7787

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As I was scrolling through the Media this week, I noticed a lot of advertisement about the release of the iPhone 6s. The buzz about this phone, just like any other apple product, is huge. Every social media app I open on my phone I see an advertisement for the “New iPhone 6s!” releasing this Friday. I have to admit, I am eligible for an upgrade in two months and was planning on purchasing the new iPhone. I currently have the iPhone 5s and although my phone is functioning relatively well I can’t help but want to upgrade to the newest, latest iPhone. I’ve always been aware of the insane excitement that comes around every September when Apple decides to release the new iPhone and I’ve never been ashamed to admit that I was sucked into the whole debacle.
However, I was sitting in class the other day and my Psychology teacher brought up a point and shared a personal experience of hers that really caught my attention. She explained how she was in the bookstore at Long beach State and a member of the local AT&T store kept persisting that she buy the new iPhone. He was following her in the store proposing deals to her about why she should upgrade even though she proclaimed that her phone was functioning perfectly fine. My professor later explained to the class the psychological meaning behind why most of us are duped into buying Apple products. I thought this was interesting because prior to my professor explaining this to us I really never took a moment to pay attention to how foolish my incessant need to upgrade is.
I mean I’ve always known that my phone was never “broken” when I purchased a new phone but after my teacher explained her story, truthfully, I felt sort of ridiculous. I learned this week that Media has such a tremendous impact on an individual’s need to keep up with society. In a way, owning the newest iPhone makes us feel like we are up to date with everyone else and we aren’t falling behind with the way our surroundings are evolving. As cheesy as it sounds, this made me realize that I really don’t need the new iPhone and I’m not planning on buying it. All the endless advertisements sucked me into all the hype but in reality people need to stop putting themselves into comparison with others and we need to work on eliminating the need to feel as advanced as someone else.
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