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TOPIC: BuzzFeed: My Pill Journey

BuzzFeed: My Pill Journey 10 Dec 2015 00:09 #8822

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This week on Mental Health Awareness week I found the video on the BuzzFeed Youtube channel to be a aspiring one for this week. It is titled "My Pill Journey" and the video title is 'Diagnosed' where an anonymous person speaks of their journey of finding how to live with their mental illness through medication. In this video the person talks about their experience through illustrating for the audience with various pills.

As she talks about her story of medication she takes she tells the audience that 1/5 people who suffer from a mental illness take medication while only 1 /3 people try to find some form of treatment in going to a doctor. There has always been a stigma for mental illness since people do not understand it unlike a physical one which they can see. A mental illness is something that can only be felt by the person and it is troubling since sometimes the person who suffers from it does not know what exactly is wrong. This video depicts that journey in the narrators search to find a pill that would "fix" her and make her happy. Despite the different medicines she took, some of which had worse side effects she still felt unhappy. Medication can always change due to the chemical levels and the tolerance one can build to the medication. This video is very inspiring to many who suffer from mental illness since it tells the audience to never give up hope of battling their mental disorders.

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BuzzFeed: My Pill Journey 13 Dec 2015 14:23 #8857

  • Paula G.
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The stigma against mental illness is so sad and it really prevents people from actually getting the treatments they need. I had been on medication for depression and anxiety for many years, and it was insane the amount of people who actually told me to stop taking my anti-depressants because there was nothing wrong with me. Even though I've had to change my medication several times over the years, I was lucky in that my medication had worked for me since the beginning, my mood stabilized and I felt like how she described, "fixed." It's just that when you feel "fixed" and many people around tell you there's nothing wrong with you, it's very easy to believe them.Like the woman said in the video, though it can be hard to see any light, it's so important to have hope when it comes to treating mental illness.
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