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TOPIC: "Coldcock - Put it in your mouth"

"Coldcock - Put it in your mouth" 05 Jun 2016 16:50 #10038

  • Cassandra.B
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Yet another inappropriate billboard is in Los Angeles. As I was driving North on the 405 freeway, I saw a billboard with Deadpool on it. “Coldcock: Put it in your mouth. -Deadpool” was written on the billboard, and a Coldcock liquor bottle was also pictured. Coldcock is the name of an American herbal flavored whiskey, but the name definitely alludes to something other than liquor.

It seems that the people who make billboards are becoming less and less concerned about being appropriate in front of children. This billboard is clever and funny, but should be seen only by a certain age group. The age group is actually set by the drinking age, which is 21 years old and above. The message in the billboard is very sexual and I hope that kids are not repeating what they see there.

The movie “Deadpool” was pretty sexual itself, with racy jokes throughout. This movie was rated R for a reason. Kids should not be subjected to sexual innuendos at an early age, but when billboards are out in the open, it is impossible to avoid it. Now movies with ratings of PG-13 and R are creeping out of the theatre screens and onto the streets in the form of billboards. Movie and alcohol advertising on billboards is fine as long as they are kept appropriate for all ages.
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"Coldcock - Put it in your mouth" 05 Jun 2016 21:46 #10055

  • angel.c
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Deadpool of course its a rated R movie but should definitely change how they advertise all sorts of things. I agree that billboards are seen by everyone and should be appropriate for everybody to see. Just as the X-Men Apocalypse billboard that was controversial for Thanos choking Mystique, Fox has released a statement regarding it. They apologized that it affected some people and showed a disturbing image. When it comes to advertising, yes creativity is highly important but need consideration for others.
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"Coldcock - Put it in your mouth" 05 Jun 2016 23:45 #10074

  • wendy.c
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I actually saw that billboard yesterday too. I was shocked to say the least. I think we usually see commercials with sexual innuendos so to see something like that on a billboard it's inappropriate. Like you said, it is almost impossible to avoid a billboard to be seen by a child. I think the ad is too explicit to be featured in such an open area like the freeway.
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"Coldcock - Put it in your mouth" 11 Sep 2016 09:55 #10121

  • Anthony.O
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The world today has chosen to accept things and discourage others. I feel like society today is more likely to accept things about sex rather than things the encourage physical violence. Especially if its violence towards women who have fought so much to be seen equally. So things that try to encourage it are frowned upon. Its the same with why people dont accept with showing of a female nipple but will show a male's. Deadpool is also a very perverted character so we cant really blame the advertising idea but we can blame the people who let things like this to be shown, which is ourselves.
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