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TOPIC: Hulu original series Lucifer

Hulu original series Lucifer 03 Oct 2016 00:20 #10446

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I began streaming Hulu's original series Lucifer because I liked the concept of the show and i am a fan of the lead character. Lucifer is a fallen angel charged with running Hell who has decided to 'take a break' and have some fun on Earth. He is supposed to be wickedly funny with a dark, complicated past. While on Earth, his powers are limited to being able to solicit the deepest desires from people. People confess to him what they want most in life no matter how embarrassing or inappropriate. This gift often acts as a truth serum and becomes very handy when he takes an interest in solving crimes. Lucifer becomes interested in a pretty detective and begins inserting himself into crime scenes and interrogations, putting his skills to the test. He also has incredible strength which he uses to assault people when the truth isn't enough. I really wanted to like the show because there's a fun mix of mystery, comedy, and romance based on literary history. However the show became increasingly problematic in terms of gender and race. Lucifer is told repeatedly by the female detective to stop interfering with police investigations. His methods are often unethical and illegal which would prevent charges from sticking in court. While Lucifer is ever the disobedient rebel child, the detective is held responsible for his actions. Lucifer begins showing up at her home, breaking into her home to make her breakfast and having an awkward exchange when she discovers him in nothing more than a towel. This scene is meant to be sexy and funny, but it marks Lucifer as a certified stalker. Rather than being the delightfully naughty romantic interest, he is a disrespectful, manipulative stalker. The detective constantly tells him to leave her alone and to stop interfering in police investigations, but relents when Lucifer extracts a confession or makes a connection between suspects. The detective is never taken seriously either as a working professional or a single mother who is trying to protect her daughter from this strange man who refuses to take no for an answer. Even with the full force of the police at her disposal, she seems powerless to escape this man meddling in her life. Far from being romantic and feisty, Lucifer is a grade A creep and a stalker with no respect for boundaries or privacy. The show becomes increasingly problematic with the introduction of the detective's ex-husband who also happens to be her boss at station. Her ex-husband constantly criticizes her both at home and at work. With both of these men undermining her and the detective has little control over own life. The trope of persistent man 'wearing down' the reluctant woman is dangerous on several accounts. The stalking behavior then turns into coercion. Lucifer manipulates her into 'needing him' to solve crimes despite her many years as a successful detective. She now 'owes him' for his unsolicited and unwanted help. In one scene Lucifer's silhouette can be seen outside the door as he begs her to let her back in after once again throwing him out. The repetition of a woman making her disinterest and disdain clear and being repeatedly ignored or not taken seriously is a dangerous pattern of stalking and manipulation. It reinforces the stereotype that women don't really know what they want and need a man to convince them. It also reinforces the cat-and-mouse game that normalizes predatory behavior. Far from being a devilishly charismatic charmer, Lucifer comes across as an arrogant, disrespectful creep who manipulates and abuses people into bending to his will. After several episodes, i cannot continue to watch stalking as entertainment and certainly not as romance.
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